Currently studying at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Łukasz Horbów (Warsaw, Poland) is a 22-year-old visual artist who expresses his creativity through a broad spectrum of techniques, from photography to painting, as well as collage and drawing.

Like any good artist, Łukasz chooses his body as main expressive tool and his work is mostly composed by unconventional self portraits, which are often realized by a mix of several artistic disciplines or manipulated with post-production softwares.
"In my work I use my body as a main tool to convey all my ideas, juxtaposing it with colours, shapes and paintings.  There is nothing particularly interesting in my creative process. I wake up and make."
This constant research and experimentation of techniques, a mix between digital procedures and handmade pieces, allow him to exactly express what he wants to express at any time. Rather than focusing on the final product, Łukasz Horbów's work aims to highlight the relevance of the creative action itself.
Through the artistic exploitation of his own body, the artist experiences his work as a therapeutic and liberating performance.

Inspired by masters like Andy Warhol, Marina Abramović and Robert Mapplethorpe, Łukasz's style reflects his ability to combine the outside world with an inner dimension, which is at the same time physical and emotional, arranging pop and self, speaking a universal but personal language.



LOV is featuring n°2 selected works, together with a short description.

"In my collages I wanted to show that the same as in Bacon's works body can appear as a plain stain. His creative process consisted of constant cutting, destroying, reprinting and redoing.
I want to show that it is not a process that leads to a piece of art but a piece of art itself".

"I decided to deconstruct virtual reality and online dimension. It is a place where you can create yourself and build your being from the very bases.
You destroy yourself and create new self in the fake reality".

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