Through a mostly analogue work, Italian photographer Viviana Levrino also know as Viannavi (Torino) creates ethereal visions and dreamlike landscapes, images full of mystery and uniqueness. She describes her art like a sort of stream of consciousness, which gains content from alternate dimensions and deals with the sublime. The transcendental and magical aesthetic of her work is the result of an artistic path which aims to highlight the spiritual and mystic essence of the human being and the nature and to create significant bonds between humans, nature and the cosmos itself.



Multi-exposures, pinhole cameras and light leaks, together with accurate and specific choices in the color management of each image, are some of the tools which made it possible for Viviana Levrino to materialize her suggestions and shape up the project Lucid Dreams.

The series is the representation and visual translation of the artist's spiritual and artistic research, as she states: "The union of scientific and spiritual theories reveals that what we experience as reality is closely connected to our mind; the material plane is a direct product of consciousness. The reality around us is malleable and consists of an infinite number of overlapping possibilities and parallel dimensions. I evoke them through the medium of photography, like a third eye that perceives new dimensions and multiverse, bringing out a world of dreams and mental visions, making manifest a surreality beyond appearances".


Is it possible to dream about something which has never been consciously experienced in waking life?

I mean, is it possible for you to dream about the love of your life, which is a dragon, which hasn't even been born?



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