Sebastian Eklund (Lerdala, Sweden) is a contemporary artist and filmmaker who mostly works with video, sound and photography. During the last couple of years, he has been living in France and Portugal; during the French experience, he studied Art at the École de Mont Cotton and met the video artist Alain Bourges, who soon became a sort of mentor in the field of video art. In different ways, Eklund's work is focused on the passing of time and it's been experienced like a tangible possibility to manage memories and feelings connected to it, as the artist explains, starting from a lovely anecdote: "When I was three years old, my parents woke me up on the night my sister was born. I remember opening my eyes and I remember seeing the light change over every wrinkle in the ceiling as I was getting accustomed to the dimly lit room. Since that moment, my mind has somewhat been recording and playing memories over and over as randomly occurring film sequences. Obviously, some parts are more out of focus than others but they are still continuously playing there and I see them in the exact same way as I see present thoughts and ideas. This can oftentimes leave me feeling disconnected from time and my artistic work is a way of catching these scenes and tying them together, backwards or forwards, until they become a room in which I’m allowed to be the chimeric master of the concentrated time caught in it".

His work Film Platon has been selected and shown in 2015 at Les Instants Vidéo in Marseille and the following year at Athens Digital Arts Festival. During this fall, Film Platon will be part of the exhibition Visions in The Nunnery at Nunnery Gallery, in London as well, and his video The Ocean Wept and Left the Gull will be shown at this year Les Instants Vidéo in Marseille ans also in November at [.BOX] Gallery, in Milan, Italy.



In order to offer an appropriate space to think and also to avoid the risk of presenting a too limited idea of Eklund's work, LOVzine, together with the artist, reached the decision to show a sort of portfolio, rather than a series or single project. Some of the featured images belong to the same series, other photographs are stand-alone pieces; some content appears to be directly taken from the World of Ideas, other to be strictly connected to the Physical World.

The inner variety of the selection, far from making it difficult for the viewer to enjoy Eklund's work, is a controversial attempt to highlight and enhance the existence of a strong artsy impression, a trace of the artist's personality which appears into the very fabric of his work, above all series and intentions.


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