Olga Urbanek (Brzeziny, Poland) is Polish photographer currently living and working in Iceland. She has majored in Art History at Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University in Warsaw as well as Film and TV Production at the Academy of Film and Television in Warsaw. She is a self-taught photographer who decided to start taking pictures in her late twenties, even though photography was part of her life since childhood.

The recurring theme of Olga's photographs is isolation. Trying to capture the sensation of being unobserved even when one is present in a public space. 

Her work had been featured in many publications such as: Fubiz, C-Heads Magazine, Vice, C 41 Magazine.


While spending two weeks with her friends, driving from San Francisco to San Diego, Las Vegas and Lake Tahoe, Olga Urbanek captured her fascination for the variety of the landscape which surrounded them day after day, mile after mile: "In the morning we were getting out from the desert to end up in the mountains later. It was very inspiriting and fascinating. That evolution of landscape makes you feel endlessly creative. My favorite places are Joshua Three and Death Valley. The atmosphere there is very spiritual. Overwhelming emptiness and silence.

Photography and traveling are strongly connected for me. They coexistence together. When I go abroad it's not a vacation time. For almost ninety per cent of time I'm carrying my camera looking for a good shot. It's an obsession. I'm seriously fascinated by every place on the Earth, from Iran to Greenland. I have a really strong feeling inside that I want to see them all. I could be in a constant journey. Traveling from one latitude to another all over the year. From the other hand they say that nothing feels better than going home but also nothing feels better than leaving home".


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