Bangkok-based photographer Nick Prideaux (Byron Bay, Australia) has spent the past few years living and working in film production and photography between Australia, China and Japan.
Drawn to Art from very young, Nick Prideaux studied film photography in high school and started taking pictures using his father’s old Nikon SLR; his Australian period ended with a degree in Film Production and Screenwriting in Melbourne, after which he relocated to Beijing and in 2012 to Tokyo.

The experience he gained from living such a variety of places and cultures, together with an open-minded approach to the world and a multifaceted educational background, allowed the photographer to explore various art forms; the relocation to Tokyo should be considered an important event on this point, since during those years Prideaux began his career as a freelance photographer, choosing Film Photography as his favourite means of expression.
And there is somehing romantic in that choice: Nick Prideaux loves shooting film because of its warmth and its feature to be honest and articulate at the same time.

Over the years, the artist has built a poetic language, which is both personal and universal, intimate and remote. The visual translation of this language is a daily collection of vibrant images depicting stories of the city, of the sea, of his life.
"My photography is about subtraction. I approach it with a simple and minimalistic process - tending to focus on the smaller details, the beauty in the little things".

His photographic work has been featured on several online and printed publications (e.g PhroomThe Archive Collective, Ignant).


Recently shown during a solo exhibition in Bangkok, Selected Ambience (2013-2016) is a collection of pictures and personal moments in the artist’s life over the last 3 years, which aims to visually narrate a personal journey through the specific language of the diary.

The series is offering the viewer a personal insight into the artist's world, as Prideaux states: "While the images were taken across the world, they represent my personal journey rather than physical. Devoid of time or place, what threads these work together is the light and color that did not beg for attention [...] To me, seemingly mundane, fleeting seconds are the most remarkable, and those beautiful moments, too often disregarded, are what need to be immortalized".





I usually dive into someone's work with the intention of learning, or invent - it's the same thing, something about the aesthetics of that work, but

These images are yelling.

They are alive and they are yelling about their being alive

and if I close my eyes, I can clearly smell a blue palette from here.

So I interrupt the dive, there's no more air down there,

and as soon as I re-emerge, I suddenly realize that my efforts were insane.

Since it's basically impossible to speak about the aesthetic of something when that aesthetic is speaking louder than you.


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