Taking your time and occupying your space to fill the contemporary void.

Michael Dietrich (Vienna, Austria) started to translate his views and minds on film while studying the theories of light in 2001, through an apprenticeship for an optical lens manufacturer, who introduced him into the content of creating images.
After a few years, in 2014, his project Landleben (auf Sylt.) got worked out for the series Chronicles009, limited edition of 100 by the Velvet Cell and he also took part at Index a project and group exhibition at University of Lancashire curated by Craig Atkinson, who runs Cafe Royal Books.
During the past years his work has been published in independent art zines and displayed in various exhibitions, such as the group exhibition Telling Stories, curated by the photography magazine F-Stop, which featured a documentation born from a project about daily life and social environment issues, he realized in 2015-2016 together with the artist Steven Simon.
In 2016, Michael Dietrich took part at the Repro Show, an international exhibition held at the University of Lancashire curated by Cafe Royal Books.

With particular emphasis on abandoned infrastructures, landscapes and thanks to a great eye for unique urban details, such as daily objects unintentionally installed in the street which usually go unnoticed, Michael Dietrich submits each shot like it was the visual translation of how he manage to abandon these bad habits and see the world we all experience everyday in a different way.



Based on the considerations that modern society tends to live preferring ephemeral ways to fill the space and approach the concept of time, through the ongoing series Délaissment, Michael Dietrich is offering the viewer a brilliant depiction of how a simple walk in the street could be, if you just learn to appreciate quite time and pay attention to those abandoned places which take the shape of their dramatic shadows or dreamy sunlight or start to notice those urban objects which turn into pieces of art, together with the surrounding architecture, just thanks to the fact you decided to take your time and notice them.

Délaissment it's the intimate view of endless walks through the world, which result as "vivid daydreams, suffering from complicated scenarios". And more, "it's a reverie" because we are resting on the ephemeral side of life and "it doesn't matter if the issue is love, money or success... greed and envy empower human beings. Everyone goes his path and it seems that time flows quicker and memories tend to fade away faster. The series appreciates the significance of quite times, abandoned objects and empty moments, it's the represantation of a new awareness of the reality which turns into a calm feeling".

Well, only if you can stand for your inner silence and face your own feelings.


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