Believe in Art and stop trusting the concept of space

Maya Beano (Amman, Jordan) is a 25 years old photographer. She moved to the UK 10 years ago and has always been in love with cameras. Discounting her childhood years, she took up photography more seriously when she was 18. Back then, she had a digital camera and was obsessed with taking long exposures of rivers very early in the morning. Two years ago, she grew even more serious about photography and picked up a film camera.

She finds her inspiration from vivid emotions and surreal moments in nature. Therefore she states: "It is the tangibility of film that I love the most - just the feel of it in my hands is enough to keep me shooting film for a long, long time".



The set of Gold Rose is inspired by the Khamasee, a foreboding yet magnificent sand storm that Maya Beano used to experience nearly every year during her childhood in Amman.
All the featured pictures were captured on 35mm film in Northern Ireland, during a trip she took with her best friend, who grew up among these breath-taking landscapes.
Enjoying the series, the fact that the depicted scenery owns completely different features compared to the Jordanian one, fades into the background, like it was hidden by the strength of another kind of content: a surreal content, which doesn't pay too much attention to the physical world, but rather prefers to deal with the sphere of emotions.

For that reason, Gold Rose is the explicit proof that the Art of Photography is able to go above the reality by taking two different route: a visual route, through which is shown the dreamlike content and a conceptual route, thanks to which is highlighted the capability of Photography to evoke a realities which is completely different from the one that was originally captured, with such force that evocation turns into representation and that the feelings of the artist become the feelings of each one.
Born as objective documentation of the world, Photography is now a medium able to express specific content and emotions, according to the artist's will, regardless of the reality.

Beyond any philosophical speculation, a meaningful explanation about what Rose Gold is meant to be, is fully provided into few Beano's words: "Wherever I am in the world, when I see skies like this, I think of home".



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