Multifaceted photographer Mariano Nocitto (Buenos Aires, Argentina) expresses his creativity through a large variety of visual styles: landscape, commercial but, above all, fashion photography, which allows him to approach people in an intimate way. But despite this, his search for beauty makes him focus on other contexts, as the artist states: "I always felt super attracted to the beauty of nature, the beauty of our planet, as if I was a child. In the course of the trips I was doing many photos, with several cameras, digital, 35mm, fish eye plastic camera, and had never shown that material, simply because, since my photography studies were not in that field, I felt that I could not do anything beautiful with them. Over time, I realized that was a stupid thing, especially with the amount of material I had always seen and liked".

Observing Nocitto's work, it's easy to recognize that underneath the diversity of each series and the purpose of each project, the whole visual repertoire has a unique consistency: a true love for the world and a deep need to take pictures of it, making it possible for that love to turn into something perceptible and sharable.



One Love is a collection of pictures taken during a bus trip Mariano Nocitto made with some friends, which started from the North of Argentina, Jujuy, went through Bolivia, Coroico, Copacabana, La Paz and ended with the beautiful Lake Titicaca and Isla del Sol.
There's nothing more to say, but a last artist's quote: "All the photos are taken with digital and with much desire".


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