Luca Tombolini (Milan, Italy) completed humanistic studies and a degree in Sciences of Communication, with a major on visual rhetoric in Cinema in 2005. While studying he met with Photography and started experimenting with the large format cameras.
"I’ve found photography particularly efficient to make considerations about time, either when it’s clearly stopping it or on the contrary when it gives the impression of compressing time as if the moment pictured could have existed forever. The latter was the impression I had when I first developed the shots of the early landscapes series I did".
Since 2011 he's drum scanning and printing on large scale prints and his work has been featured in several publications, such as iGNANT, Justified Mag, Booooooom!, and in various exhibitions all over the world (e.g. Hong Kong - 2016, Vancouver - 2016, Oslo - 2015)


LS, 2011-16 is a series of landscape captures, shot in 4X5in film, drum scanned and printed in limited editions.
The project, as well as his entire work, is a fascinating poetry which talks about the relationship between the Unconscious, the Self and real, tangible places that are able to bring the artist's mind closer to ancestral times.

During his long solo trips, through the contemplation of those desert and primordial landscapes, Italian photographer Luca Tombolini finds a way to compel his Unconscious to cope with phenomena, feeding his mind with deep and existential questions, as the artist states: "Modern times and scientific knowledge now overshadowed a time when myths and spiritual insight were leading. What is the result of this condition? Knowledge of ourselves or alienation from the Self?"


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