Javier "Monty" Kaplan (Buenos Aires, Argentina) is a photographer currently based between N.Y.C. and Miami. In his teen years, he was more focused on filmmaking and he expressed his creativity by directing and editing music videos and commercials. In 2014 he started the production of his first feature film; due to the low budget's condition, this production, rather than increasing his interest in filmmaking, turned into an excruciating and exhausting situation. When this deleterious experience came to a conclusion, Javier Kaplan, mentally and creatively drained, looked for a medium which was able to express his personality in a more immediate and simpler way and found in photography the solution of all his troubles.

His photography is about capturing a certain mood and reflects his bipolar personality, oscillating between upbeat and colorful pictures and depressing and dour ones. Going through his work, it's easy to realize that Javier Kaplan's repertoire boasts a great varieties of style, but also that light (and the lack of light) it's his main concern and his preferred tool to communicate a feeling.



The ongoing project Sleep Paralysis is the result of Javier Kaplan's new attempt to deal with the insomnia he is suffering since he was 11 years old. In his own words: "I started to realize that if I embraced my inability to sleep and I went a few days without sleeping not even a single hour, my perception became heightened. Everything seemed magical and surreal." This series could be seen like a continuation from his previous series Nightcrawler, but, if that one was more of a roaming of empty streets to document the empty urban night landscape, the captures of this last project are taken during the early hours of the day, when the world is in a sort of limbo between lights and shadows.

Maybe an artist is simply a person who decide everyday to face his problems, transforming them in something that goes above the reality, above all troubles; maybe an artist is someone who is able to create communication at the very moment where none is speaking.


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