Isabella Ståhl (Järvsö, Sweden) is a fine art and editorial photographer currently based in Paris. She started to harbor a deep interest in photography from very young and began to take pictures more seriously at the age of 15. That passion induced her to move to New York and dive into her studies, where she graduated from The International Center of Photography in 2013.

Since 2008 Isabella Ståhl's artistic career has been characterized by a significant number of exhibitions, as her work has been shown in New York, London and several Swedish cities. A large amount of international publications has payed attention to her work, such as GUP magazine (The Netherlands), Somewhere Magazine (Sweden/France), Juxtapoz Magazine (US) and Yen Magazine (Australia).

Her work mostly explores rural environments, through a profound sensibility and attention for the creatures that are strictly connected to them and aims to be a call to think about our belonging and our place in the world. Her photographs, depicting breathtaking landscapes and sweet portraits of both humans and animals, offer the viewer the artist's interpretation of the world, which is perfectly translated into mysterious, at times surreal, but always full of delicacy visions.


Left Behind is a summer-born reverie, raised from the artist's needs to express the never felt before fascination for the reality that surrounded her, when she decided to return to her home village she left at the age of 15, in the North of Sweden. Straight away she found out that her feelings for her country were completely different from those belonged to her childhood, as for the first time she was experiencing the immensity and the calmness of the Swedish scenery as a source of pure beauty, and not as a synonym of bore and emptiness, like she used to do. As regards her feelings, Isabella Ståhl explains: "Left Behind is a story about returning to a repressed past. [the project] explores nostalgia and solidarity and the struggle to fight against restlessness and a never ending desire to leave where you're suppose to belong".

Left Behind is a poetic depiction of a world that appears at the same time intimate and accessible, strong in its entirely and fragile in its details. Staring at these portraits, you can easily hear what these creatures are thinking; gazing at the landscapes, you can apparently perceive the humidity on your face. Left Behind is a world where everything is possible, but that actually doesn't exist.

Through this series, Isabella Ståhl deals with the duality of real life, of feelings, of everything that's out there and transforms each inner conflict in something that goes above the meaning of the 2 antipodes of the duality.

No more beautiful. No more bad. Just a silent suspension of judgment.

No more leave. No more stay. Just a subtle detachment from reality where the concept of identity is no longer connected to your person.


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