Specialized in analogue photography and mixed media illustrations, Heather Boyd (Portland, Oregon) explores the emotions of isolation, the desire for connection and escapism in modern culture through dreamscapes.
Personality identity, connection with others/desiring a connection with others and the concept of home are some of the themes she loves to explore through the photographic experimentation.



By using primarily expired slide film with multiple exposures or multi image filters, the artist gets to create strange and surreal representations of the reality, depicting both portraits and landscapes, with the purpose of bringing people into a surreal state of mind.

That process becomes possible thanks to a simple, but really strong trait of Heather's work: the mess with colors.
A feature that becomes a sort of hallmark, due to the fact that each photo is completely analog, created in camera without post processing.
"The viewers re-examine and become aware of their perspective of everyday objects such as trees, flowers, water through seeing them through different colors. My goal is for the viewer to imagine a narrative within the image.
The series is about looking down at a swimmer, it appears that she is swimming in another world. We are voyeurs witnessing the captured body movements, the light and dark of the water, the serene aloneness of each frame".


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