Clémentine Gras (Paris, France) is a 24 years old photographer graduated both in graphic design and in photography. The first path of studies allowed her to obtain indisputable skills in image composition on all sort of supports and a certain kind of open-mindedness regarding the creative world. Thanks to the experience she achieved during those years, the artist realized that the photographic medium was her first concern and decided to undertake a further course of study, that ended with the attainment of a graduation in photography.

She is mainly focused on portrait photography, in all its forms: family photo, classic portraits and fashion photography, as she explains: "I like the relationship to time of photography. Watching last century photo with nostalgia, observing the changes of the past time. On the other hand, in my commercial work, I like that people have a good time and became more self-confident, as I like taking beautiful pictures".




Through the ongoing project 365 Sans Visage (Faceless 365), french photographer Gras is offering the viewers one photograph a day, for 365 days. Here you can enjoy the whole collection, whose images are characterized by the subtle but constant presence of a human trace, even though not a single face is depicted.

At the end of these few lines, you will find a little selection of the work, which aims to be seen, on the one hand, like a representative preview of something bigger and longer-lasting, on the other hand, like the proof of Clémentine Gras' ability to deal with a huge variety of visual contents which, after the achievement of a global overview, turn out to be strictly connected to each other, thanks to the inner presence of a coherent aesthetic, which works as artsy bond.

Exploring up and down 365 Sans Visage to create the following selection, LOVzine chose to focus the attention on a unique subject, the artist herself, to strengthen the evoking power of the work and to allow everyone to experience each photograph in a personal way, like Clémentine Gras explains: " [the project] allows me to reveal a part of myself without a full disclosure. I show a lot of personal things, but hiding my face allows the portraits to stay anonymous. This way, the viewers can identify themselves to the images and situations".

Drawing inspiration from everyday life, Clémentine Gras aims to make the mundane interesting, through full of inventiveness staging efforts.


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