Fellow workers and partners in life, Chuli Paquin + Erresullaluna (Parma, Italy) live and work together since 2012. Their photographic project started to take shape from the series R.ITRATTI whose themes and chromatic choices are reminiscent of Czech photographer Jan Saudek. During the realisation of the series, Chuli Paquin played both roles of model and creative director for the first time, initiating a solid artistic process that would have gone with the couple for the years ahead.

Extremely fascinated by cultures in every form, with a particular attention to traditions, folk tales and those specific rituals which are deeply rooted in the lands they live in, the Italian couple usually studies and plans every single content to a tee, both in visual and conceptual terms. As one of their aims is to create a totally artificial and controlled scene, during the design phase of each set, nothing can be left to chance and the italian artists start to investigate thematic, symbols and metaphorical value of gestures of each piece weeks in advance. Antient mythology, iconography, literature and classical art, as well as a perfect balance between Christian beliefs and Pagan themes, are just a few examples of their areas of concerns.

As regards the technical aspects, Chuli Paquin + Erresullaluna work both on digital, and analog/instant photography, stating that these last two art forms allow them "to get a closer investigation of the humanity of places and people they meet". Furthermore, the development of the technical choice that probably denotes to the full the aesthetics of their work striktly deals with the artists' need to ideally reunite the modern digital tools with that past they constantly explore. As early as 2012, Chuli Paquin + Erresullaluna turned this personal need into the creation of a new and totally handmade way to reproduce their photographs. More in detail, the process consists in printing the photographs on watercolor thick cotton paper and, utilizing a specific compound, drawing with a brush over the photographs. This has an effect on color, which becomes pictorial. Since 2012, their work has been shown in several nationwide collective and solo exhibitions, and it has been featured on various and significant online and printed publication.



The bulk of decisions taken by Chuli Paquin + Erresullaluna on the forthcoming design and development of the their series Anatomy of Melancholy, entirely realized within the walls of a Pharmacy dating back to the 16th Century, has been strongly influenced by the particular aesthetics that characterized the set itself.
From their very first approaches to the scenario, the artists noticed that the marked contrast between the dark wood of the infrastructure and the white body of the model (a reminiscent of Rembrandt's Anatomy Lesson) seemed to be the ultimate key through which it would have been possible for them to read, interpret and finally translate a potentially far-reaching narrative.

Since one of the purposes was to share some sort of traditional story filled with the atmosphere from that time, Chuli Paquin + Erresullaluna made sure the model's body would have respectfully entered the scene and adorned the surrounding space, without ever encroaching on it or meddle with it.

By inverting the value of that contrast, the couple set in motion a visible process of depersonalization of the human being, at the end of which the model totally identified her persona with the place itself, which became the real subject of the series.

As a final result, all visual contents end up depicting a sense of static, a temporal and spacial stillness that borders on a surreal feeling of acceptance, because: "Stillness doesn't really belong to human nature, neither does to time, which is a flow. We aspired to fix a moment which situate in a precise of time, but simultaneously out of it, like a butterfly with pierced wings in a shrine".


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