Bologna based photographer Chiara Cappetta (Agropoli, Italy) started taking pictures when she was 10, after her uncle gave her a little compact camera. As she was an extremely shy kid, she immediately transformed the camera in a medium able to replace words and communicate her vision about the surroundings: above all the nature, her friends, her sister and herself as well.
2016 was a significant year, as she received her first analog camera, with which she soon fell in love, finding in the film the more suitable way to "tell her story", and was also the year of her first exhibition in Bologna.
Realizing various projects which are focused on the other, photography helped Chiara to open herself up to the world, to socialize with strangers through the medium.
"Up to me art means sharing, and that's what I want to do with my photography: to share what I feel and can't tell with words, hoping that who sees my work may find himself and feel less alone (at least, that's what art does to me). That's why in my pictures there aren't much faces: anyone can be the subject".

Her work has been featured in various online and printed magazine, such as C-heads, Croco Magazine, Ramona Magazine, Nssmag.
In March 2017 she released her first photographic book "Presente, un'odissea", which will be available online and in all Italian libraries very soon.
The publication collects digital and film photos she took during the last 4 years and visually explains her concept of time: "The book tells about my present, a concept really important to me: every second is fundamental and can't be wasted, that's what my photos remind me and I can't say it otherwise. Between a page and another there are small pieces of my personal diary with a sort of little story accompanying. There are some title of song I listened while working on the book. Music i also an essential element of my life. If I'm not with other people I always listen to music".


Presenting Chiara Cappetta, LOVzine chose to feature a little, but satisfactory selection of her photographic work. Some of the pictures below are digital ones, some are analog shots; the oldest one was taken in 2013, all the way up to the last summer. Some of them depict fragile details, some capture dreamy moments, others well composed portraits, with a sensible use of the natural light.

Going up and down Chiara's portfolio is like entering her private life and reading each content, shot after shot, is like taking a close look at a little soul who is growing up, moving through the world, translating her intimate experiences in something able to speak a universal and recognizable language.
Through the photographic image, Chiara defines the perception of her own body, captures the memory of the countless dawns she spent with her friends, plays with the sunlight, represents her existence and offers it to the viewer, who immediately finds himself surrounded by stories and feelings which below, somehow, to him as well.


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