Alice Cannara Malan (Milan, Italy) is a young photographer who followed an artistic path since high school and eventually got a degree in Graphic Design, in 2015 in Milan. Although Alice's real passion has always been photography and video.
Driven by the desire to leave her home town for an experience abroad, she started a Master in Photography and Design in Elisava University of Barcelona.
Her personal aim is the documentation of real life and people, focusing on the details and specific narratives of each story that she encounters along the way, approaching Photography, in association with worlds, like a perfect tool which is able to gather information and tell stories.







Selected for the Sony World Photography Award and presented at the Sony World Photography Awards & Martin Parr – 2017 Exhibition, My (m)other is a moving project born from the artist's personal thought and reflection about the internal relations of families, which carries the viewer through an intimate world, sadly and wonderfully shaped by generational and character problems and huge demonstrations of love.

Alice Cannara Malan visually creates and offers us a speech about the boundaries that goes around family members and the importance of finding out how much hiding is relevant in family's relationships and she does it through a twofold mental level, as each photograph goes along with a caption based on her old diaries and letters, that somehow suggests a sort of narrative that exists beyond the pure and straight depiction of contents.

"I have a father, his name is Pier Paolo, he’s 56 years old and is almost deaf. We love each other, but we don’t understand each other at all.
 But every time I look at his actions, I admire his willingness,
 I suffer for his loneliness, disdain his hysteria, I recognize 
that the greatest feeling I feel for him is that I would really save him from what he carries on his shoulders, that made him, in time, the man who now appears to other people.

I have one sister, her name is Sofia, she’s 24 years old and suffers from loneliness. She has a foolish love for animals and
 a clear ability to not be sympathetic in the eyes of mens. The inner depression that she fells every time she goes to sleep, her way of being precise until death, his slowness, her fear to show herself for what she really is, her no-confidence in the love of her mother and the jealousy that she feels towards me echo in my head constantly.

My relationship with my mother, universally recognized by psychologists, artists and so on and so forth, invited me in the years to reflect on how people are influenced by the context in which they grow up and how this context changes the way you see the world and the way people relate, not only with their own family group, but also outside with the rest of the world.

After a long research, I finally managed to drive away some demons from the past that didn’t allow me to recognize my father as an authority of my family, to look at my sister for the amazing person she is without feeling guilty and appreciate my mother as a separate person from me. These photographs are a work in progress and for me they means a way to overcome my past and start my own route".

So young, and so wise, Alice is an artist who bravely takes each member of her family by the hand and comes out of the closet with them, proving that taking care of love is actually the only way to love.


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