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Visual artist Davide Failla, also know as Nebraska (Catania, Italy), started focusing his artistic abilities in the field of Illustration, since the very early years of his studies in Graphic Design, which deeply conditioned his artistic approach to visual communication and, above all, allowed him to first come into contact with the world of hand engraving, that greatly influenced and shaped his style. After achieving a degree, he decided to undertake a more strictly artistic path, studying Visual Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Catania.  
Talking about his artworks, with specific reference to the artistic process behind them, Nebraska states that his Art is a sort of intentional e deliberate act, whose inspiration can be somehow controlled and channeled to a specific focus, located within the bounds of the artist’s mind, that is the place of excellence for the birth of new ideas, of new visions which are just waiting to properly take shape and have a place in the world.
The main purpose of Failla’s work is to create new concepts and give life a new vision: a common one, as he states, recalling his childhood: "When I was a kid, starting from the fascination with Dragon Ball saga, I started to imagine and draw my own characters, which had totally new personalities and features, but were always connected to the Japanese saga as well. Over time, I realized that my artistic goal was properly that act to impart a new existence to the reality, to do my bit and give the world a piece of me".
Nebraska’s whole production can be easily divided into two categories: one including the colored artworks, the other one the black and white pieces. His style is characterized by a myriad of whirling marks, which rarely collide, visually representing the artist's life together with all those existences who are interacting and living his reality, his time.



Starting from L8ck, a work about resilience, a visual and conceptual translation of the ability to retrieve what has been destroyed, and ending with an expected artwork, the featured selection A.N.I.M.A.L.S. appears as a succession of black and white illustrations on paper, through which Nebraska artfully blends subtle concepts and touchable matter.

The project L8ck, whose title mixes the worlds look and block (reference to the act of looking at something, trying to understand it and a sort of impasse raised from the inability to achieve that purpose), depicts Lamassu, an Assyrian protective deity, traditionally represented as a human-headed winged bull. Nebraska's illustration shows a totally obscured face, a black and almost unrecognizable shape, standing in stark contrast to an apparently chaotic background.

Such a remote and unfamiliar subject, far from building a mystical speech, allows the artist to face the issue of resilience in a simple but never obvious way, bringing the viewer enough close to the point, to make him feel comfortable, but never too close, so that he can feel a distance, able to raise new inner questions. In order to do that, Nebraska firstly puts the viewer in an intimate and reassuring sphere, the one of religion, then adds to that sphere an upsetting climate, since his artwork refers to a specific Lamassu's statue that was destroyed in Mosul at the hands of some ISIS exponents, as he explains: "Iconoclasm tends to generate more troubles and intolerant attitudes when it's related to an almost unknown context, like the one where ISIS takes shape". Nebraska's aim is to highlight that the real problem is not the iconoclasm itself, but rather the limits generated from a typical way of seeing and understanding things that tends to exclude the context surrounding these things.
During the realization of the artwork, he completely focused his attention on the background, metaphor of the context, and add some written worlds connected to the issue in between the marks of the texture.
The whole artistic process, as well as the final result, is an attempt to suggest the viewer a new approach to reality, a new way of seeing things that goes from the outside to the inside, as it's the surrounding of each reality which daily shapes the realities themselves.



After Narcotic Idols My Ascetic Life Surfs


The illustration Toret is directly inspired by the symbol of an Italian city, Turin and appears to be the translation of the artist's attachment to that city.

Dogs is an illustration depicting different dog breeds, through which any dog owner can somehow recognize his pet thanks to the power and specific features of the silhouette. The black gauge is able to express without talking, one of the highest kind of love.

An attempt to give a meaning full of realistic impact to the traditional iconic figure of Mickey Mouse, with the purpose to tear the world of symbols, allowing the viewer to enter in contact again with the real world of facts.

Multiple depictions of an elephant, which are metaphor of the large amount of symbols and meaning this animal has always received from different cultures and contexts, are blended in this illustration through a mix of lettering, shapes and marks.

An elephant, represented as the totality of each step it takes and each mark that's defining it, walks without fear towards fire and it's meant to be the association of the artist's will to proceed his artistic path, beating the odds.


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