The first art form Alexy Préfontaine (Montréal, Canada) had the chance to interact with was music, since he played trumpet in his elementary school band and, above all, he's been playing piano since 2011 in an alternative rock band, which is currently recording its debut EP.
He first got in touch with Visual Arts in 2014 when, amazed by the possibilities to create artworks purely through his smartphone's apps, he started to feel a certain interest in Image Manipulation. As the months went by, his passion became stronger and stronger and his capabilities and aims more and more refined, thanks to the abilities he achieved by using different types of editing software, like Adobe Photoshop and Maxon Cinema 4D, together with a constant practice of Photography.
Regarding his interest in Contemporary Art, the artist stated: "Nowadays, we, as artists, are lucky to have access to a ton of different mediums. Painting is not the only valuable form of art and I feel like sometimes, some people tend to forget that. What I also like from Contemporary Art is the importance of the concept behind the piece. It gives the artist the possibility to represent his thought and feelings".
During the last years, Alexy Préfontaine has expressed his creativity through Digital Art, Photography and Graphic Design by the name of Aeforia.
He mostly draws his inspiration from the nature which surrounds him and, more broadly, from the space, with a focus on those real elements and Physical content which are able, at the same time, to be the proof of the truth of the reality and to transform the depiction of the real world into surreal scenery, with the purpose to push the viewer to face a concept of the real that goes above the reality.
Aeforia's skill in managing forced perspectives and distorted perception is a clear example of it.


Through his series, Canadian artist Aeforia guides the viewer into a 7-steps surreal voyage full of hope and melancholy, as he explains: " [hope and melancholy] are the two main emotions driving my work. Generally, I'd say that I am a pessimistic person. I tend to only see the negative seed of things and I am not comfortable with that. As an example, I don't usually have a good feeling of where we are leading as human beings. So much conflicts going on right now in the world and it scares me. Therefore I always battle to see the beauty in my surroundings. I think Photography and Art help me a lot to achieve that. David Talley, one of my favorite photographers, says: "Even the darkest of moments are followed by an explosion of light".It sums up the way I perceive the world and it explains why we could qualify it as a blend of melancholy and hope".

Piece after piece, Aeforia is suggesting the viewer to undergo a reality that appears pretty different from the one he usually perceives in everyday life, asking him to believe, even for a moment, in what he is experiencing, because it's exactly in that moment, Aeforia achieves his artistic goal: the temporary collapse of the most easy and standardized concepts of reality, whose reliability is finally called into question. Thanks to their symbolic fall, those concepts are suddenly able to reach the inner and unconscious side of our knowledge's system: the one responsible for the growth of our awareness about reality and, above all, of the awareness that an unequivocal concept of awareness could never exist.

2058 - A foreshadowing dystopian piece where we can see two contrasting forces interacting together. The odd-shaped space ship represents how authorities might control the population in a few decades, while there are two kids playing together, representing purity and innocence. The whole piece is a representation of what the future might look like, from the artist's point of view.
Light Awaits - Minimalist piece representing how better days are not so far ahead when one is having some hard times.
When I Fall Asleep
Impuissance Apprise - The concept evoked by this image is that we may be powerless against our fears and the world surrounding us but we can still learn to live and be confortable with it.
Future Visions - Artwork inspired by the music of Favela.
Belief Mischief - The concept is to illustrate how one can feel when their strongest beliefs are dismantled.

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